Research & Development

Our future goals for expansion are to bring Modular Mobile and Hybrid Wind Solar System into market.

ChargeInn Solutions:

  • ChargeInn MagicBox A Mobile Fast Charging System with the hybrid wind-solar tree can solve the issue with its patented technology for a 45 percent increase in output. A low-cost 15 KW system in a Tempo can charge two four-wheelers and two two-and-three-wheelers at the same time.

  • Charging Time: 15-20 Minutes for 80% Charge DC Charger With Custom Cooling & Control Software for Energy Management
  • A smart solar bench with wifi and mist can provide the joy of waiting for the customer as they can their time wisely.
  • Future Integration of Heat Sensitive Solar Modules as Competition Increases
  • MagicBox will also provide a First Aid Box in case of an emergency and a set of spare batteries to allow for swapping at a higher rental cost than fast charging.
  • Fast charging may take 15-20 minutes @ INR 200 for 100 km, but swapping can be completed in 5 minutes @ INR 1000 for 200 km.


  • AC Type-2 complies with IEC 62196 and BHARAT AC001 complies IEC 60309.
  • CCS-2 complies with IEC 62196-3 and BHARAT DC001with GB/T 20234.2.
  • 2 Gun in 1 Charger : Output power capacity up-to 30 kW for CCS-2 & 15 kW for DC001
    1 Gun in 1 Charger : Output power capacity up-to 20 kW for CCS-2 single gun ultra fast charger.
  • Simultaneous charging on each gun with load sharing for 2 guns and 1 guns variant DC
    fast EV chargers Will charge upto 75-80% within 15 Mnts.
  • High efficiency of >99% and >95% respectively for AC and DC chargers.
    Available models in 1-Ph and 3-Ph power inputs.
    High brightness HMI color touch screen of 4.3″ or 7″ as per the charger capacity and size.
  • Front panel visual indication for Mains available, System error, Charging status
    Suitable for extreme Indian environmental conditions.
  • Payment options integration with RFID, payment wallets, and credit card charging INR 2 per km for Cars and INR 1 per km for 2 Wheelers.
  • Modular & Mobile design resulting in streamlined support and service anywhere.
  • All-weather enclosure and HMI for use inside or outside (IP54)
    Built-in communication modules for (3G/Wifi/LAN).

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The ChargeInn Charging Network is a peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging station network that spans India. Our smart universal charging stations, which are available for purchase not only by EV owners, but also by anyone who wants to place EV charging points in their garages, RWAs, shops, commercial spaces, and so on, power the network. EV owners may now use the ChargeInn app to find nearby charging stations across the country and conveniently charge their vehicles.

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