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We assist you in delivering a complete line of cost-effective smart EV charging solutions.

Super-Fast Public Charging Network

With charging points made available at all public places, even in the remote areas, we make the public charging networks strong, reliable, and easy to access.

Super-Fast Fleet Charging Network

We've built special EVC stations around the highways to make charging very convenient. Check out your nearby EVC stations to recharge your batteries.

Modular Mobile Charging Station

With the introduction of our unique Modular Van, we provide charging at your doorstep. Instead of going to the public charging station, stations come to you.

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We want to take care of everything for you from the beginning.


AC 11kW|22KW Super Fast Charger

AC Charger is affordable and reliable to everyone, along with low-cost electric car charging. It is compatible with all AC Type II charger compatible vehicles with output ranging from 3.3kW to 22kW, making it suitable for market demands. AC chargers are ideal for residential, community, and commercial use. It also has an optional wired/wireless connection for back-office management, as well as an optional RFID card reader, we also have our own mobile application for user identification and management.


30/60kW Super Fast Charger

To enable next-generation EVs, DC chargers are equipped with industry-standard rapid charging technology. These are multi-protocol, programmable chargers that support  for fast charging. Payments by smart phone or RFID card are simple and secure thanks to the seamless interaction with numerous payment and billing services. Depending on the size of the battery pack, the DC charger can charge the EV battery from 20% to 80% in around 90 minutes.

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The ChargeInn Charging Network is a peer-to-peer electric vehicle charging station network that spans India. Our smart universal charging stations, which are available for purchase not only by EV owners, but also by anyone who wants to place EV charging points in their garages, RWAs, shops, commercial spaces, and so on, power the network. EV owners may now use the ChargeInn app to find nearby charging stations across the country and conveniently charge their vehicles.

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